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Drew Primary School

Early Years Learning@Home

Hi Italy, Egypt and Brazil Classes!

We have got some fun ideas, projects and challenges that you can do at home while you can't be at school.

White Rose Maths 

If you want to keep up with your learning in Maths, have a look at White Rose Maths. There are daily lessons, with video links and resources to download. 

Click on the Image to go to the Reception Home Learning Maths Page. 

Week beginning - Monday 30.03.2020

In this section you will find weekly projects for you to complete at home. These are not compulsory, but you are welcome to do as little or as much as you like. Don't forget to share it with us as we would love to see what you are doing. 


Previous Projects

If you are looking for the projects that were on the website previously you will find them here:

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Writing Challenge

Let's play 'I Spy!'

I spy with my little eye something beginning with......

This week's is S.

Can you find 5 items in your house that begin with this sound? When you have found them draw a picture of them.

Challenge: Can you label your drawing using the sounds you know?

Reception Class Challenge: Can you write a sentence using the items that you found?

Maths Challenge

Line your family up in order of height.

Draw a picture and label it.

Who is the tallest? Who is the shortest?

Family Challenge

Captain Hook needs a new pirate ship and wants you and your family to build it.

Can you use materials around your home to build one? You could make one with paper or cardboard, lego or wooden blocks or even cushions and blankets!

You could go on a pretend adventure to find treasure on a secret island.

Can you draw a treasure map and give your family instructions on how to find it?


Click on the Owl to go to the Oxford Owl Website 


Then click on this button. 

Enter this username and password. 

Username: recdrew

Password: recdrew

Access the ebooks and enjoy reading!

Moving and Shaking

Start the day with some moving and shaking!

This helps us to keep healthy and is lots of fun too! Talk about what happens to your body when you engage in physical activity.

Dough Disco

Use this  playdough recipe we sent you to make some dough and join in with Playdough Disco.

Click here for the Playdough Recipie



Read through your phonic sounds.

If you've forgotten any of them you can watch the video to check.

Set 1 Sounds

Set 2 and 3 Sounds

Links to our Learning

Here are links to websites that we subscribe to as a school.

Click on the images.

Then login with your USO and password. 

Busy Things

Busy Things is a fantastic, interactive website, full of fun ways to learn!

To access Busy Things 

1. Press the red button 'Normal USO Login'

2. Then input your username and password

3. Click on 'Early Years' and then 'Nursery' or 'Reception'

Click on the Image to access Busy Things.

You can use Busy Things, to explore the Numeracy and Shape, Space and Measure Areas. They are full of fun Maths games; take your pic!

Looking for something to do? 

Are you looking for things to do?

Have a look at this. There are so many wonderful things for you to do at home!